Researchers’ Night in La Palma

On Friday, 28 September, 2012 La Palma will host “Volcanoes’ Night” - its first ever European Researchers’ Night - in the town of Fuencaliente.


For your attention
Although the main language of the event will be Spanish, there will be as well specific programmes organised in English or with translation into English. All relevant activities that will be available in English will be listed here at this part/English section of the website. Should you speak Spanish, please have a look at the detailed agenda under the Activities menu as there might be other programmes that can be also interesting for you (in Spanish).

This one night celebration of scientists and volcanoes will be organised at several spots of the town both indoors and outdoors. The event will be one of the similar occasions organised throughout Europe the same night with the support of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission. “Volcanoes’ Night” is a free event, open to people regardless of age, scientific background. It offers you the opportunity to discover the work and hidden life of volcanologists and geologists; to understand how they study volcanoes, to participate in excursions, competitions and quizzes, watch demonstrations and simulations of hardware and software, exchange ideas and last but not least have a party with the researchers! For one night only, these ‘common people with unusual profession’ will come into La Palma to get in contact with you and present their research work to the general public. Everyone can be a volcanologist for one night!
What to expect on the night (the following programmes can be interesting for you even if you do not speak Spanish)...
•    Short volcano excursions lead by professional scientists: are you living or visiting “La Isla Bonita” and you are still not certain how the island was born? Then this activity is just for you! Participants are to be explained the basics of the volcanism of the Canary Islands all in a very comprehensive and easy to understand manner throughout a short trip along the top of Volcán San Antonio. Further information on exact timing for different language groups will be soon available here. Please note that attending to this programme is free of charge, however, due to its nature pre-registration may be required.
•    Wine tasting with volcanologists: have you ever wondered how the different characteristics of the soil influence and shape the taste of the wine? Now you will receive some answers to your questions! During these sessions winemakers and oenologists together with geologists will discuss the role of volcanism in wine quality. All this in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere accompanied by samples of wine. Further details on this programme (e.g. exact locations, timing etc.) will soon be available here. Please note that due to the nature of this activity some symbolic fee will be charged as an admission to these sessions.
•    “Science Cafés”: are you interested in the challenges of predicting eruptions or on the role of volcanoes in climate change? These interactive workshops will be lead by volcanologists, who will explain different natural phenomena and the scientific methods used to investigate them. One of the workshops will lead by Dr. Simon Day, an English geologist (exact topic of his “presentation” will soon be indicated here). During these sessions you will have the opportunity to directly interact with this famous volcanologist and receive answers for your questions from first hand.
•    “EU Corner”: test your knowledge and get to know more about Europe! At the European Corner, among others, you will have access to material (in three languages: in English, in German and in Spanish) on facts & figures on Europe, on European Programmes dealing with research, innovation and education. Furthermore different research projects funded from European sources will be exhibited (via posters and leaflets).
•    Live concert, fiesta and party with scientists: here the different languages are not obstacles any more …
…and much more*. The audience for the event is the public at large, regardless of age and scientific background. It addresses all curious minds from volcano enthusiasts to science-reluctant and offers a variety of fascinating activities for all from 1 to 100 years old.
The mix of discovery and leisure activities (excursions, science cafés, EU corner, live concert) offers you an original alternative to more traditional Friday night activities!
During the coming months we will be continuously updating and feeding our website with fresh content and with more details related to the activities (such as exact location and timing, information on pre-registration if required etc.). Visit us regularly throughout the summer to keep on track what is going on (RSS)!
In case you have any questions contact us via email or by phone (in English and in Spanish).
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* The final programme is subject to change.